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How long does the process take?

The difference is like night and day. Typical credit repair firms try to keep you as a client, paying them each and every month for 18-24 months. In that time, they state that they try to get 70% of the negatives off your credit report. From the reviews that we have read, traditional credit repair companies only remove 20-40% of the negative items.

With our process, the typical time frame for our service from the time we receive your paperwork until completion is 90 days! Our results are over the top.

The results speak for themselves. We get new video testimonials every day from people that want to tell the world just how amazing our process is….You could be the next one sending us a testimonial in just a few short weeks from today!

Get started for $997. Payment plans available!
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How It Works

Our document preparation service was founded to assist individuals that did not know that they had the right and the power to completely change their credit file situation legally, ethically and rapidly.

We analyze a person’s credit situation. Once we discover what their issues are, we create a series of documents that force the major credit bureaus to change them based on the requests that were made.

This is NOT credit repair. We think that it should be illegal for letter writing companies to send letters month after month for sometimes 2 full years (charging people every month) and to only have limited results. This is the same thing that these individuals could have accomplished on their own and saved time and money.

Our process takes 90 days. In this time we create a set of 3 individualized, custom documents that are delivered to the main 3 credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax). Our history shows that our process permanently removes 80-100% of the negative and inaccurate items.

The only thing that is required is that the person utilizing our service maintains credit monitoring for a minimum of 6 months and they do NOT apply for credit during the time that the document preparation service is being performed.

Get started for $997. Payment plans available!
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