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Business Insurance for
Employee Protections

One of the key parts of running a business is managing your employees. Commercial insurance developed for employee protections are great for two reasons – they provide benefits to your employees and they keep you compliant with state and federal laws regarding worker protections.

We can help you find the affordable coverage you need to keep your employees in Gulfport protected.
Learn more about each of our coverage options below:
Whether you own a large company or a small family-operated business, the success of any business depends on smart strategy and planning.

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Executive Bonus
An executive bonus arrangement can be a powerful, yet simple way to provide a valuable benefit for company owners and key employees. It can help reduce the turnover of key employees that could result in significant financial losses.

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Employee Benefits
Offering competitive benefits for your employees can help you attract the most qualified candidates for your job openings. Our agency works with multiple companies to offer you affordable rates on employee benefits.
Key Person
Most companies have a person(s) whose skills are vital to the success of the business. A key person may be an owner, partner, or employee without whom the business would suffer serious consequences.

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Client Review
Not only does life change, but life insurance products change over time. That's why it's important for you to have a regular client review practice in place.

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Estate Planning
Most people will accumulate significant assets over their lifetimes. Help address you clients' death benefit needs and find smart, affordable estate planning solutions.

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College Funding
The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide death benefits to beneficiaries. It can be designed to meet your clients' changing needs with features such as flexible death benefits and flexible premiums. Death benefit protection can make life insurance an attractive choice for establishing a self-completing plan to help fund a college education. Permanent life insurance that can accumulate cash value may be used to help pay for college costs.

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Retirement Planning
The retirement planning strategy uses permanent life insurance to provide clients with death benefit protection while offering the potential to help supplement their income during retirement.

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